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General Specifications
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  SeaSonde Site Installation

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Related SeaSonde Publications
CODAR HF Radar - SeaSonde User Links Below is a sampling of SeaSonde users who make their data available
to the public via the World Wide Web. 

Bodega Bay, California


BOON - Bodega Ocean Observing Node:

Oregon State University:
from this site:
you can click to the Newport, Columbia River, and Long - Range sites.

New Jersey / New York
Rutgers University
Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (COOL)
(this page has many good links)
  Rutgers University CODAR real-time site:

Southern California
   San Diego Coastal Ocean Observing System (SDCOOS)

SDCOOS SeaSonde surface currents
posted at:

The Coastal Oceans Currents Monitoring Program (COCMP)

Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS)


University of Alaska at Fairbanks SALMON Project

Monterey Bay, California
The U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS):


Catalan Metoffice, Spain
Catalan Metoffice, Spain 


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