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SeaSonde Software Release 3 Update 2
We are pleased to announce our latest release of the Radial and Combine Suite tools from CODAR Ocean Sensors CODAR. Release 3 provides researchers with the latest in radial current analysis tools, including current processing algorithms with much faster processing speeds. Also featured are powerful new applications that allow faster and more accurate antenna pattern measurements, improved distance calculations and more robust diagnostic analysis tools for easier troubleshooting.
Important for all Release 3 users, update 2 is a critical upgrade for all units that have already installed update 1.
For more information on specific software, please refer to the documentation section of our website: The latest updates for current OS X users can also be found at in the customer section of thissite.
Our new training approach provides extensive "hands-on" experience using a variety of software exercises that showcase the latest features in our SeaSonde_10 software. This is augmented with practical field troubleshooting exercises using SeaSonde hardware. In addition to the practical experience, the four-day course allows participants to exchange ideas with other SeaSonde owners, technicians, and CODAR staff. Our first OS X SeaSonde software course was held last May at the Naval Post-Graduate School's Beach Lab in Monterey, California. This last 2004 Fall session took place farther north, at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, and included 20 attendees from seven different countries. Don't miss your opportunity to become a SeaSonde expert: The Spring 2005 session will take place 3-6 May in Santa Cruz, California, coinciding with the 5th Radio Oceanography Workshop (ROW-5) also held in the Santa Cruz area.
Detailed agenda, registration and travel information for the spring 2005 session will be posted on the company website in February ( In the meantime, if you have any questions about our four-day comprehensive course, please email

CODAR is Taking a New Tack on Training
CODAR now offers SeaSonde_10 (UNIX-based Mac OS X) training courses twice per year (Spring and Fall) on the California central coast. SeaSonde owners who have purchased a system within one calendar year (prior to event) are invited to send two attendees free of charge. Otherwise, tuition is USD $750 per person for the four day course.
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US Coast Guard Teams Up with University of Connecticut and Rutgers University in using SeaSondes for Search and Rescue Simulated Drifter Tests
SeaSondes Perform Well During Drifter Tracking Test-August, 2004.
The US Coast Guard, in collaboration with the University of Connecticut and Rutgers University, conducted a simulated drifting body test off the New Jersey Coast using data obtained from Long-Range SeaSondes. A GPS equipped drifting buoy was set and tracked for twenty four hours to evaluate the effectiveness of current prediction models historically used by the US Coast Guard. These model predictions were compared with trajectory models produced with the aid of real-time SeaSonde current measurements. Predicted drifter path calculated by model that incorporating SeaSonde derived current maps held remarkably close with the predicted path of the drifter, deviating no further than 2.8 kilometers at any point in time. The conventional model (not incorporating SeaSonde derived surface currents) deviated as much as 20 km from the actual drifter position before tracking ceased.
Training Group
These results illustrate the great potential value for use of SeaSonde measurements in search and rescue efforts.

Red = Drifter/lost person track based on older models
Black = Actual track of the GPS drifter
Blue = Predicted path based on models using real-time SeaSonde data
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Tech's Corner: New resources for
CODAR customers

If you haven't visited the CODAR Ocean Sensors web site lately, take some time to do a little surfing! We've compiled the largest, most complete list of over 300 publications related to the field of HF RADAR for ocean monitoring. Not only can you find the reference that you need, but many articles are available for download directly from our site in PDF format. Just point your browser to:
While the list is long, we may have missed an article here or there, especially those related to applications. If you would like us to add your article, or if you know of an important one we've missed, please send an email to If you are an author on the article and would like it to be available for download from our web site, please send it to us as a PDF file, and include appropriate reference information.

In addition to the changes and improvements made to our main web site, we have also created a site dedicated specifically to existing customers:
Here you will find information useful to even the most experienced SeaSonde operators. Available for download are the latest software releases, documentation, training materials, and information on other ancillary logistics and third party products often used for SeaSonde installation and operation. Since this site is new and in its early development, it has plenty of room to grow, expand and change. If there is anything you would like to see made available at, please send comments and suggestions to
Are you up to date?
As of January 2005:
OS X SeaSonde users should be running:
SeaSondeRadialSuite10 (dated 040827) and Updater SSR3Update2
SeaSondeCombineSuite10 (dated 040827) and Updater SSC3Update2
OS 9 USB SeaSonde users should be running:
SeaSonde4.4f6 Radial and Combine site software (dated 030414)
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