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A Peek Inside SeaSonde Radial Suite® Release 8
Under development for four years, Radial Suite Release 8 will include improved interfaces and powerful new tools. As a preview, we highlight two applications that process and visualize current and wave data.
Users will experience:
• Ease of use ~ many of Radial Suite Release 8’s tools feature enhanced graphical user interfaces with one-handed keyboard-controlled navigation capabilities, right-click menus, new toolbar functions, and new main menu items.
• Access to print-quality graphics ~ increased pixelation, font size control, and export-to-pdf means infinite resolution, report-quality figures.
• Increased functionality/New capabilities ~ Plan your network and make site maps on the fly with SeaDisplay 8. Access filtered wave data and
explore flexible viewing options with WaveDisplay 12.

SeaDisplay’s shaded, 50-ft contoured bathymetry and jet black color coding
for 20-meter deep, user-defined shallow water. Radial data is from UC Davis
Bodega Marine Laboratory site in Bodega Bay, California.

SeaDisplay 8

SeaDisplay 8 introduces dynamic SeaSonde site coverage plotting. If you’re considering expanding your coverage with additional SeaSondes or wish to view the impacts of changing the location or settings of an existing antenna, your analysis tool is here. Explore the impact of antenna siting and attributes such as stability angles, resolution, expected range, and expected angular view on radial and combined site coverage. For further optimization, the elliptical feature illustrates the impact of operating one or more antennas in bistatic mode.

SeaDisplay 8 provides one-step site map creation and dynamic editing: now you can modify the map viewport and SeaSonde site locations, names, and attributes without site map re-creation. An upgraded world database extraction tool provides smooth and expedient zoom navigation. Integrated bathymetry and contour mapping are available at the click of a button.

International language support means map titles can be created in any language.

WaveDisplay’s new, four parameter main window.

WaveDisplay 12

WaveDisplay 12 plots computationally enhanced data generated by a new outlier removal tool. The tool applies filtering and temporal/spatial averaging for smoothed wave output across the coverage area. Classic, ranged wave output for individual range cells is available, too. To support these two modes, new view options are featured. In a single frame, users can plot several wave parameters. Alternately, a single wave attribute like wave height can be displayed for up to four range cells. In addition, users can open and orchestrate multiple windows for expansive data inspection. First-generation features such as visualization of multi-range data, export-to-png, and the control panel have been retained for longtime users who prefer the familiar.



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