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CODAR’s Recommended List of Presentations

Many excellent presentations are expected at both the upcoming MTS/IEEE Oceans’ 16 conference in Monterey, California and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 49th Annual Fall Meeting held in San Francisco this Fall. Here is a select list of those having some connection to HF radar (especially SeaSonde) that are considered “must attend” by CODAR staff. We hope to see you in the audience!

MTS/IEEE Oceans ’16

Session: Real time Quality Control of Oceanographic Data 1 / 22 Sept. / 8:30-10AM at Portola Cotton Wood 2 Room
• Hugh Roarty: Automated quality control of high frequency radar data II.

Session: Coastal Radars and E-M Propagation 1 / 22 Sept. / 8:30-10AM at Marriott, Los Angeles Room
•Luz Zarate: High frequency radar oceanic current mongnitoring system on the
Texas coast.

Session: Coastal Radars and E-M Propagation 2 / 22 Sept. / 10:30AM- 12PM at Marriott, Los Angeles Room
• Chloe Baskin: Effectiveness of a bistatic system on high frequency radar resiliency.
• Donald Barrick: Simulator to evaluate tsunami warning performance for coastal HF radars.
• Donald Barrick: Call sign specifically optimized for FMCW HF oceanographic radars.

Session: 146 Next Generation of Ocean Observing Systems: Polar Region Observing Systems / 22 Sept. / 1:30AM-3PM at Marriott, Los Angeles Room
• Josh Kohut: Project CONVERGE: Impacts of local oceanographic processes on Adéile penguin foraging ecology.

AGU Fall Meeting

Session OS030: Toward an International Coastal Ocean Radar Network: Technology Development, Research, Demonstration and Operational Applications. Session ID# 13034.
• Donald Barrick: Improved model for wave extraction from compact HF coastal radars
• Elizabeth A Livermont: Extracting a 2D wave field from a shore-based direction-finding
HF radar through characteristic matching with a numerical wave model (165050).
• Mike Muglia: Hourly Gulf stream position, width and orientation estimates with HF radar
off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, U.S.A. (174436).
• Giuseppe Ciraolo: CALYPSO: A new HF radar network to monitor sea surface currents in the Malta-Sicily channel
(Mediterranean sea) (179434).
• Hugh Roarty: Observations of the surface circulation over the Mid Atlantic Bight continental shelf (184847).
• Jack Harlan: US Integrated Ocean Observing System HF radar network: National applications and international
implementation (188169).
• John Wilkin: Comparing coastal radar wavenumber spectra for surface currents and sea level from observations by HF radar
(CODAR) and CryoSat-2 Satellite Altimetry (188936).
• Arne R Diercks: HF radar signal propagation as a function of salinity-A case study in the Mississippi Sound (191944).
• Peter Rogowski: An Assessment of Seasonal Circulation Patterns in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam, Utilizing a Numerical Model,
HF Radar and In Situ Observations (193137).
• Lisa Hazard: National high frequency radar network (HFRNET) and Pacific research efforts (197441).
• John Largier: Tracking the surface circulation in coastal upwelling off central and northern California over long times and large
areas (198967).
• John D Farrara: Assimilating high-frequency (HF) radar surface currents into a real-time California coastal ocean nowcast/
forecast system (134947).
• Libe Washburn: Antenna pattern measurements for oceanographic radars using small aerial drones (152327).
• Anna Rubio: HF radar insight into coastal mesoscale eddies and associated cross shelf transports in the south eastern Bay of
Biscay (NE Atlantic) (158247).



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