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September 2013


Register for the
HF Radar Operation &
Application Workshop
34th Asian Conference
on Remote Sensing 2013

n exciting 1-day workshop tutorial on High Frequency (HF) Radar Operation and Application in the context of operational oceanography will take place Tuesday 22 October 2013 as part of the 34th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2013 held in Bali, Indonesia.

Speakers include scientists from the Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and CODAR Ocean Sensors Ltd., based in Mountain View, California.

The tutorial will provide an introduction to the principles and current state of the art technology for HF radar applications.

Presenters will touch upon the following topics:

What is an HF Radar? Principles of operation, data products & state-of-the-art.

Operating an HF Radar Network: What does a network look like and what does it take to manage? How does one process, analyze and visualize the surface current data? How are the products quality controlled?

Applications & Case Studies: How are HF data products currently used in operational oceanography? Case Studies will be shown for recent events including search and rescue operations, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response and Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

Workshop Tutorial Outline:
First 2-hour unit

• Principles of operation & data products
• State-of-the-Art in HF radar technology
• Data visualization & QA/QC
• Introduction to US National and
Global HF Radar Networks
Second 2-hour unit

• Search and rescue applications
• Pollution floatables tracking
• Deepwater Horizon, model validation
Third 2-hour unit

• Storm forecasting
• Fisheries Management
• Tsunami Detection

This event is part of the 34th ACRS 2013 conference. Information on ACRS
event and registration form is available through the official conference web site

More workshop details are also available by
contacting CODAR Ocean Sensors Ltd. via or CODAR’s local
Indonesian partner company PT. Trisari Tigaputra Utama via



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