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15 September 2008

RiverSonde® Debuts in China

Many of the populous cities inside China are set immediately adjacent to rivers, in their middle and downstream sections. Over the centuries some of these rivers experienced considerable silt accumulation and sit actually higher than the nearby occupied land. Inside rainy season the storm runoff from mountainous areas leads to significant water volumes inside the river channels eventually passing through major urban areas. With recurring high risk of flooding, China’s Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) has responsibility to make the important decisions on when and where to release waters for ensuring safety in the higher density urban areas. No decision is an easy one, for even the “flood plain” release sites are often sites of villages and important farm land.

MWR team assembling the antenna
RiverSonde - Shandong

Earlier this year the MWR installed their first RiverSonde at the Yi River, inside the Shandong Province. MWR assigned a full technician, scientific and operations managerial crew to participate in this groundbreaking event

RiverSonde - Shandong
Shown here is RiverSonde antenna being installed next to a memorial placard recognizing major flood disasters of past years in which thousands perished.
RiverSonde - Shandong
Television news crews captured the event on film and interviewed MWR directors who expressed their pride in China embracing cutting-edge technology for the important public service of flood control management.
RiverSonde - Shandong




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