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September 2013

Tech Tip: Batch Reprocessing Tool
Tech Tip: Batch Reprocessing ToolReprocess your SeaSonde Remote Unit data sets in convenient batches using the new application tool called SpectraOfflineProcessing. Part of SeaSonde Release 7 Radial Suite® Update 1 and above (both online and offline versions), this tool allows you to easily run multiple instances of processing at same time. Ideal if you want to reprocess using different settings and compare results, while having no adverse affect upon any real-time processing taking place on that same computer.

The tool can process spectra to other radial outputs like short-time radials, radial metrics, radial filler, and images. SpectraOfflineProcessing has a friendly GUI, and comes with its own help document which also can be opened from GUI adding further to the convenience. It also gives you ability to automatically load and watch processing progress in the log file.



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