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August 2017
Combine Suite Release 8 Coming Soon!

Learn about new tools and features in the upcoming software release

Combine Suite Release 8 (CSR8), CODAR’s latest version of the software driving the SeaSonde Central Management / Data Combining Station, will become available in the second half of 2017. CSR8 contains new features that will make your Central Management / Data Combining Station more secure, enable quicker combine processing and simplify the task of network monitoring, saving both time and money. Whether you are a data scientist, a network technician or project manager, there is something new in CSR8 for you.

Better Security
Keeping with the latest security features in macOS 10.12, CODAR software is now classified as “100% code-signed” meaning CODAR is a registered developer whose software meets the latest industry security standards. Easier Radar Network Management The tool that will make the biggest splash with those SeaSonde technicians monitoring their networks on a daily basis is the new Combine Suite Web Server. Its interface will be familiar to those who use the CSR7 and CSR8 radial site web interface to easily monitor data and diagnostics.
What the Combine Suite Web Server interface uniquely gives you, though, in addition to the usual visualization of the 2D currents, is a network-at-aglance overview of your radar unit diagnostics and warnings, to easily identify whether anything is operating out of acceptable bounds or that data is not available. This is a very useful timesaving feature.

Another CSR8 feature to ease the burden on network techs is the new smart archiving. While archiving is not the first thing one might think of for their SeaSonde network, data management is key to keeping things running smoothly. When the hard drive on your Central Management / Data Combining Station nears capacity, the new Archivalist tool begins removing the oldest data in a way that allows the user to set priority their way. It’s one less thing to worry about.

New and Improved Software Tools
Many tools and applications have been redesigned including a more streamlined, easy-to-use software installer. The completely rewritten SeaDisplay 8 draws maps using vector graphics and Portable Document Format (PDF) output. SeaDisplay 8 contains many new features like bathymetry, coverage plots, map creation, map editing, site editing, and much more, all of which are available in a single, intuitive user interface.

Users of CSR8 will enjoy more than just a new SeaDisplay, though, as SpectraPlotterMap, DiagDisplay, and WaveDisplay have all been rewritten for ease of use, greatly enhanced graphics, and PDF output for crisp vectorized graphics. And for the Google Earth users out there, CODAR KML tools (LLUVtoKML, PattToKML, and TRAKToKML) have been rewritten and enable easy generation of Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files. The software tool updates you’ll find in CSR8 will make report and presentation prep a whole lot easier.

Combine processing is much faster even if producing multiple 2D vector output grids with minimal load on the processing computer. The new SeaSondeCombineOptions application offers real-time combine processing status. File exchange setup has been simplified along with new file transfer scripts.

In addition to these improvements, there are a host of others, including multiple baseline interpolation, compressed LLUV file support, and others. For a full feature list or to inquire about upgrading your SeaSonde Combine Suite existing software license to Release 8, please contact CODAR company or your local authorized CODAR dealer.




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