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2 August 2006

  SeaSonde® Selected for Monitoring 2008 Olympic Games Sailing Event Race Area

China's State Oceanic Administration is installing what will arguably be themost sophisticated environmental monitoring network for any sailing competitionrace area. This network will feature a SeaSonde® system providing continuous,real-time maps of ocean two-dimensional surface current flow patterns withinthe Qingdao area, venue for the 2008 Olympic sailing competition. The SeaSondesystem will be installed late 2006 with data collected in advance of race eventsas well as during the regatta itself. Data from the SeaSonde and other satelliteand in-situ environmental sensors will be assimilated into a numerical circulationmodel, whose outputs will be provided to the Chinese Olympic Committee and MarineForecasting Observatory of Shangdong Province.

Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China's eastern Shandong province, has ahistory of typically light winds during the summer months. In the event of lightwind conditions, utilizing the ocean current information for race boat strategy(namely setting lay lines) may be of increased importance. The SeaSonde is thebest technology for quantifying fine-scale current flow patterns and this willbe its first application in racing.

The SeaSonde is manufactured by CODAR Ocean Sensors of Mountain View, California.Hardware and software design that have been continually improved upon over thelast 30 years allows the SeaSonde robust field performance and user-friendlysoftware with high quality data output. The SeaSonde is both convenient and affordablefor a wide variety of users and applications. Staff at CODAR Ocean Sensors arethe world’s experts in HF radar theory and system design and have producedapproximately 80% of all HF radars ever built worldwide for ocean monitoring.

Laurel Technologies Company Ltd. is the local China representative for CODAROcean Sensors. The appropriate point of contact is Professor Huiyong Lin, phone+86 (010) 5879-0099, or send e-mail to

For further information, contact Laura Pederson of CODAR Ocean Sensors, atorphone (408) 773-8240 x15.




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