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16 July 2007

Get Networked by Joining the Radiowave Operators Working Group (ROWG)!

The world of HF radar is still relatively small compared to those familiar with operating manual transmission cars, iPods, or even Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs). For persons responsible for operating an HF radar system, networking within the user community offers huge advantages. In addition to sharing experiences and techniques for optimizing system operation and data products, many users offer their own developments, such as specialized displays, unique post-processing techniques and are also willing to lend some of their time for special projects.

The Radiowave Operators Working Group (ROWG) was created and is managed entirely by the HF radar user community. Many CODAR support and engineering team are members of ROWG and participate in the formal meetings as well as ROWG website online forums. The benefit is two-way for CODAR, as CODAR staff can both help educate operators while using the opinions and experiences of the user community to continually improve the SeaSonde product.

You can join ROWG by registering at

Attend the ROWG third annual meeting 10-12 September 2007 in beautiful San Diego, California. The meeting will be held at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
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Statement from ROWG steering committee member Dr. Josh Kohut of Rutgers University regarding the meeting focus:
This agenda is meant to inform the group on latest developments as well as leave plenty of time for open discussion. This year we have also added two poster sessions. During the icebreaker the first night of the workshop we ask that you bring a poster describing your group. This should include the standard who, what, and where. The intention is for these posters to introduce your group to the other participants as well as stimulate conversation. The second poster session will be for more specific hardware, software or interesting applications. These posters will be hung in the meeting room throughout the workshop. This will give people an opportunity to learn more about some specific challenges and solutions you have developed relating to HF radar. If you are an HF radar "expert" or a new comer to the technology, your perspective and experience will be an important contribution to the group. I look forward to seeing you all in sunny southern California this fall.

If you would like to attend the ROWG-3 workshop, please send your:
- Name
- Affiliation
- Introductory poster
- Technical poster
to Courtney Kohut
Once registered you will be sent emails with more specific information on travel logistics.




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