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April 2017
SeaSonde Radial Suite Release 8
Release 8 provides compatibility with OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.12 Sierra and supersedes Release 7 and all previous versions. Release 8’s advanced functionality and data accessibility are highlighted here, along with a few of the new tools and features.

SeaDisplay radial coverage & bathymetry
SeaDisplay radial coverage & bathymetry
New Approach to Map Creation ~
Making maps with SeaDisplay 8’s new map function is quick and easy, as is modifying existing site maps and viewports. An upgraded world database extraction tool provides smooth and efficient zoom navigation. Integrated bathymetry adds a crucial data layer. Map titles can be created in any language.

Network Planning ~
Radial coverage, CODAR’s network planning tool, is integrated into SeaDisplay 8. Coupled with map editing capabilities, adding, removing, and moving SeaSondes in your network enables dynamic positioning for maximized coverage. Further optimize by exploring bistatic operations.

Upgraded Viewer Interfaces ~
Robust data access is built into SeaDisplay, WaveDisplay, DiagDisplay, and SpectraPlotterMap. Features include enhanced graphical user interfaces, right-click menus, one-handed keyboardcontrolled navigation capabilities, and new toolbar and main menu items. Export-to-pdf generates report-quality figures. WaveDisplay and DiagDisplay plot up to four parameters in one frame and allow multiple window operation.

Improved Wave Processing & QC ~
Wave processing algorithms have been retooled to include additional outlier removal, temporal averaging, and spatial averaging for improved reliability. As a result, the signal amplitude manifests more clearly. The new processing tool also uses a measured antenna pattern and can be configured for improved limits in enclosed bays. The tool can be run offline to reprocesses files.

CallSign™ Feature ~
CallSign fulfills International Telecommunications Union requirements that each oceanographic HF radar routinely transmit a Morse Code identifier. CODAR’s unique, patent-pending solution allows uninterrupted signal processing. [Note: At present CallSign is not compatible with the Low Power Transceiver.]

Enhanced Web Display of SeaSonde Data ~
New Radial WebServer code optimizes refresh routines for sluggish internet connections and improves overall WebServer stability. New elements include remote computer restart and software license status lookup. A new Analysis page presents radial distributions, averages, and standard deviations for user-specified durations. For Safari browsers, graphics are reportquality, PDF format. The Waves page includes real-time snapshot of wave parameters.

SpectraPlotterMap enhanced vector graphics
SpectraPlotterMap enhanced vector graphics

KML Tools & File Accessibility ~
LLUVtoKML, PattToKML, and TRAKToKML enable easy generation of Keyhole Markup Language files for use in GoogleEarth. A gzip file with latitude, longitude, u velocity, and v velocity columns is readable by Radial Suite Release 8 tools and viewers.

Other Radial Suite Release 8 features include Archivalist’s new, user-specified archiving to optimize disk space, BackupConfigs command line tool, CrossLoopPatterner’s filter criteria, meta-data enhanced cross spectra files, improved system security with code-signed applications as required by macOS 10.12.

SeaSonde Radial Suite Release 8 Overview v2A dated 20170412




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