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March 2012

SeaSonde Radial Suite Release 7 Software Package Now Available

Every SeaSonde user from beginner to advanced will find something new and exciting in Radial Suite Release7 (R7). SeaDisplay has been rewritten from the ground up to be simpler to use but with more features for viewing and analyzing multiple data sets simultaneously. In addition, R7 features new “stripe” noise suppression, 1st order boundary-defining parameters that operate on on a per range cell or range cell set basis, a greatly expanded archiving application and more advanced controls in the RadialSetup application, among others. For the advanced user, the new radial metric output is now available as part of the standard installation. With a single setting you can now output all of the MUSIC and signal-to-noise values for every Doppler value found in the Bragg peaks in our standard MATLAB-compatible format, making low-level analysis of your data easier than ever. These are but a few of the new features available in R7. For a complete list of new features and minimum software and hardware requirements, please visit the company web site R7 software will require a special USB license key be connected locally to the computer. For information on purchasing R7 and obtaining a software key, please contact your local authorized CODAR representative or CODAR headquarters (



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