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Software News: SeaSonde Release 6
OffersExciting Features & Convenience

15 February, 2010

As of September 2009, CODAR released our most user-friendly radial site software yet. Release 6 comes with a number of improvements to make set up and maintenance of your radar sites easier while also providing more robust operation. If you are the squeamish type when it comes to new software releases, fret not. Months of in-house and beta testing on operational systems have made our latest update one that is very stable and ready for prime time.

The feature we are sure will make every technician’s life easier is our new Radial Web Interface. We’ve utilized some of the latest technologies built into Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, including Ruby On Rails, to create a password-protected interface to the radial site data and diagnostics that is accessible via any standardscompliant web browser. No special app is necessary. You can log on from a friend’s computer or even your iPhone or Blackberry. With built-in email alerts, you can be notified while on the go and diagnose most issues directly from your mobile phone’s browser. With the one-click download of a system report that covers computer, hardware and data quality checks, it’s never been so fast and easy to get a snapshot of radar site health.


CODAR support engineer Hardik
Parikh enjoys a latte at a sunny
California cafe while accessing and
checking status of a SeaSonde
operating in eastern Canada through
his iPhone.
SeaSonde Radial Site BML1 - screen shot
SeaSonde Radial Site BML1 - screen shot
While we’re sure you’ll enjoy using the Radial Web Interface, we’ve also made big changes to our on-board applications that technicians will appreciate whether novice or expert. Are you tired of siting the antenna’s black arrow bearing, correcting for magnetic declination and then adding 45° to get the loop 1 bearing? If so (or if the last sentence just completely confused you), don’t worry, our improved Radial Setup App means you only have to remember one number and it takes care of the rest. Only the essential information is required and a new layout makes it easier to remember what is important. SeaDisplay and SeaDisplay Setup are also much easier to use. Easier navigation control has been added for setting up site maps and oneclick buttons on the toolbar are now available to perform common tasks like making radial distribution plots.

Release 6 is also compatible with our latest Multi-Static Data Processing software package. Do you have radars in your network that are synchronized on the same frequency using our patented SHARE technology but are not producing elliptical vectors? If so, then you’re letting your data go to waste! To find out if Multi-Static software is right for your network, contact your favorite CODAR representative. You can see results of our most recent elliptical validation study in the latest issue of Remote Sensing: Lipa, B., C. Whelan, B. Rector, B. Nyden, HF radar bistatic measurement of surface current velocities: drifter comparisons and radar consistency checks, Remote Sens., vol. 1, pp. 1190-1211. 2009

Not quite ready to process your Multi-Static signals for currents? You can still utilize SHARE with our Multi-Static Source Monitoring feature. Whether or not you have the Multi-Static software package for currents installed, this allows you to monitor the transmit signal from other sites in your SeaSonde network that are synchronized using SHARE. This monitoring feature that comes included with Release 6 allows you to track any changes to antenna pattern characteristics and log them over time ­ an important tool in QA/QC of your data.

There are many more under-the-hood changes in Release 6 that make SeaSonde radar site operation more robust and user-friendly. To see if your computer and operating system are compatible with Release 6 or to download the installer, please visit our support website at or contact a CODAR representative today.



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