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CODAR Offers Student Equipment Grants for 2010

January 6, 2010

The RiverSonde
At least two equipment loan and travel expense grants are available for year 2010 that include use of a RiverSonde® unit.

CODAR is seeking proposals outlining novel applications of RiverSonde in river, lake, estuarine, harbor, or ocean environment. Novel applications could be (but not limited to) measurement of near-shore ocean rip currents or flows at river intersection with ocean or lake, integration of RiverSonde data with other data sets collected inside of a regional ocean observing system, and use of RiverSonde data to improve or validate coastal or river hydrodynamic models, etc. Motivated graduate students interested in hydrology, oceanography or other related subjects are encouraged to apply.

About the RiverSonde:
The RiverSonde is a UHF radar developed by CODAR Ocean Sensors over the last decade. Based on the company’s extensive experience and success with its SeaSonde® for measuring ocean current flow patterns, this instrument borrows both hardware and software elements from that system. The RiverSonde measures surface velocities in similar fashion as SeaSonde, but as it operates in the higher UHF frequency band, it measures surface scatter on much finer spatial scales (10-20m) across shorter distances (several hundred meters). Details on the RiverSonde can be found at company web site,

Summary of Award:
• Grantee has use of RiverSonde for up to 3 months.

• Roundtrip freight of equipment will be covered by CODAR.

• CODAR engineer will travel to assist with equipment installation and provide a training course to grantee and their associates at grantee’s institution or deployment site.

• $1,300 in travel funds also provided by CODAR for grantee to present their results at a scientific conference/workshop pre-approved by CODAR (payment made to grantee upon abstract acceptance).

Award Terms:
• Grantee must recognize CODAR inside of any presentation or publication that includes RiverSonde data.

• Grants are limited to equipment use inside of the United States. Future grant programs may be offered for other regions.

• Data collected during grant program will be considered joint property of grantee and CODAR. CODAR will be allowed to use data for marketing, product engineering or other purposes.

Application Requirement:
Student should submit an application (in PDF file format), up to 6 pages total, that includes:
A. their Curriculum Vitae (no greater than 2 pages), and

B. a proposed research plan (no greater than 4 pages). Inside of research plan, applicant must describe a novel use of equipment with overview of project goal, description of deployment logistics (where, when, and how), and explanation of how data from RiverSonde will be analyzed and utilized. If possible, list a general inventory of data sets from any other instruments that will be collected in observation area at same time and could be used inside of the research project.

Important note: Grantee must be responsible for gaining permissions for equipment installation at suitable location, and ensure that any appropriate equipment infrastructure, such as electrical power, high-speed Internet comms, and security for equipment will be available during deployment period. Recognition of this should be made inside of proposal. Refer to RiverSonde operation manual for outline of suitable equipment siting and requirements.

Proposal must be signed by both applicant as well as their institution’s department chair or academic advisor.

PDF file should be named in following format: LastName_FirstName.pdf

Submit application via email to Any enquiries regarding capability or required infrastructure should also be sent to CODAR via this email address.

Deadlines for Submission & Award Announcement:
Applications will be accepted 1 February- 31 March 2010. Review of proposals and awards will be conducted on a continuous basis throughout period, so early submissions are encouraged. All awards will be announced by or before end of April 2010.



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