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9 January 2006

California purchases 41 SeaSonde units for new program.

California has started building the infrastructure for the new $21M Coastal OceanCurrents Monitoring Program (COCMP), designed for aiding critical operationaland research endeavors. A key component of this program will be the continuoussurface current outputs from an extensive SeaSonde® network. The acquisitionof 41 new SeaSonde and Long-Range SeaSonde units being installed as part of thisprogram will bring the total number of units operated in the state to 57.

This new network will provide continuous coverage of the ocean surface currentsalong the entire 1100 miles of California's coast out to approximately 120 milesoffshore. Highest resolution coverage will be set at the most critical areas,such as inside of San Francisco Bay. Once completed, the state will boast havingthe world's most advanced ocean current monitoring system.

This project made front page news on 8 January 2006 in Silicon Valley's largestnewspaper, the San Jose Mercury News. To view the complete article publishedin the Mercury, click here for the PDF (approx 70K):  2006_MercuryNews.pdf

In addition, the COCMP program has a very comprehensive website, including moretechnical details on the program, participant information, downloadable pressreleases and presentations, as well as links to other related web sites. A statementof support from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is highlighted on their home page.See

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