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SeaSonde Configuration:   Standard   Hi - Res   Long - Range
Spatial Range (typical)            
Alongshore:   20-60 km   15-30 km   100-220 km
Offshore:   20-75 km   15-20 km   140-220 km
• Ranges achieved vary with environmental conditions and antenna placement. Note: Two radars are normally required for creating 2-D surface current maps of direction and speed.

Range Resolution   500 m - 3 km   200-500 m   3-12 km
• Resolution is user selectable        
Angular Resolution:   1-5 degree grid: user selectable.

Current Accuracy:            
Varies with environment. Comparisons with ADCPs located in close proximity to the surface are typically < 7 cm/s of the total current velocity and 1-2 cm/s of the tidal component.

Wavefield Products (measured at each radar): Local on-shore wave conditions in ring centered ~3 km from coast around each radar. Significant Waveheight: typical accuracy: 7-15%; Dominant On-Shore Direction: typical accuracy: 5 degrees -12 degrees; Dominant Wave Period: typical accuracy: 0.6 s; Other spectral wave parameters available. Wave information is limited by environmental conditions and operating frequency.

Frequency Range (antennae tuned to operate at a frequency subband within):
    Standard   Hi-Res   Long-Range
    one of either:   one of either:   4.3-5.4 MHz
    11.5-14 MHz or
24-27 MHz
  24-27 MHz or
40-45 MHz

Equipment Dimensions:            
Transmit Antenna Height:   4.8 m for 11-14 MHz   Combined with RX   12-14 m
    2.4 m for 24-27 MHz        
Transmit Antenna Post:   4 m   N/A   N/A
Receive Antenna System (mast, dome loopstick antenna unit & vertical element atop dome) approx. total height 7m
Receive Chassis: 13H x 49W x 53D cm. Weight:14 kg
Transmit Chassis: 13H x 49W x 53D cm. Weight:15 kg
Maximum Distance Between Adjacent Radars:
Recommend 40-60% of the radar's offshore range.

Power Requirements: either 120 VAC or 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz; total onsite
electronics varies between 350 and 500 watts depending upon peripherals desired
[24 volt DC versions also available]

Output Radiated Power: 80 watts peak, 40 watts average

For complete system specifications, please consult Technical Specification sheets
available on Company website.
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SeaSonde Station Hardware
SeaSonde TX & RX Antennae


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