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General Specifications
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& General Specs.

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  SeaSonde Site Installation

PDF approx. 400k  

   SeaSonde Remote Unit
Specifications & Configuration

  Auto-APM Kit

  SeaSonde Central Site
Data Combining Station

  Combine Suite
License Upgrade
- Extended Version

  PORTUS® Marine Information System

  NEW Advanced Feature -
Multi-Static Functionality

  SeaSonde Multi-Static Data
Processing Software Package

  SeaSonde Bistatic
Transmitter Package

  Vessel Detection Software

  Pushing the Range
of Your SeaSonde

  Protecting the SeaSonde
from Lightning and
Other Electrical Surges

SeaSonde Network Accessories

  Transponder & Transponder
Extender Kit
(SSTR-101 & SSTR-EX)

  Field Service Kit

  Antennae Base
Hinge Assembly

  Dome Antennae
Guy Rope Holder

  Connector & Adapter Kit

  External Hard Disk,

  Extended Lightning
Protection Kit

  UPS Power Conditioning Unit

  SeaSonde SatDrive Kit

  SeaSonde Enclosure

User Links
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Product Brief


PORTUS Marine Information System

PORTUS is a state-of-the-art, multi-user, web-based Marine Information System that boosts visibility and value of your oceanographic and meteorological data.

PORTUS provides real-time and historical environmental data management, analysis, visualization and internet-based distribution. A wide variety of environmental data whether measured or modeled are made accessible through a familiar Google MapsTM interface.

Ability to integrate data from different models of HF radar systems. Special attention is paid to get the most out of CODAR SeaSonde® HF radar data.

HF Radar Measurements

HFR currents

HFR waves

Ocean and Atmospheric Forecasting System layers

Sea Level

Cloud Coverage
PORTUS features include:

User-friendly, multi-user, web-based interface to easily display and manage historic and real-time HF radar currents, wind and wave data; Vessel tracks from AIS and SeaSonde HFR Vessel Detection software.

Open architecture to integrate comprehensive National Observing Systems including ADCPs, buoys, tide gauges, met stations, satellites, forecast models... and customized derived products.

Flexible data sharing and export capabilities (FTP server, OPEnDAP, KML, Web Map Services...).

Scalable client-server architecture.

• All your met data into one system
• Access your data anytime, anywhere
• Access rights management
• Powerful export and data sharing tools
• Multilingual/ customizable web portal
• Automatic data validation tools
• Added-value HF radar products

PORTUS users include:

• Meteorological Institutes
• Universities
• Port Authorities
• Research Institutes
• Environmental Authorities
• Navies
• Industry

Data Flow and System Architecture


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