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SeaSonde Central Site Management / Data Combining Station

Product Code: SSDP-100 or SSDP-100EX

The SeaSonde Central Site is the hub for monitoring and combining data from all the Remote Units in your entire SeaSonde network. Manage data transfers from remote sites so that you can produce and display the most up-to-date current maps. Display diagnostic data in one convenient place for quick operator access. SSDP-100 hardware can be installed locally or in a data center thousands of kilometers away. Data can be combined from standard SeaSonde remote unit traditional radial vector maps and also from the new ellipitcal vector maps that will increase data density and expand coferage area. Multi-stage automatic Quality Control is built in to the processing to meet real-time operational needs. Additional software allows for value-added information from your data like real-time drifter tracks and sub-diurnal time scale filtering, among others. Whether you have two sites or 24, the Central Site unit will make monitoring and management of your SeaSonde network a streamline task.

SSDP-100 Includes:
Computer: Macintosh desktop quad core xeon 2.8GHz 2GB RAM 256GB HD or later.
USB Keyboard and Mouse.
Display: Color, 23" HD Display.
Software: Combine Station Suite software license (for interaction with up to six SeaSonde Remote Units).

Note: SSDP-100EX is “extended version” of SSDP-100 designed for interaction and combining data with up to 24 SeaSonde Remote Units.
Temperature Range: 0° F (-18° C) to 90°F (32° C)
Maximum Humidity: 80% non-condensing
Compatible Communications: 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector) & Others (such as dial-up modem). Automatic transfer of current, wave and diagnostic data products supported by software for dial-up lines and ethernet connections.

Communication Link Requirement
   • A reliable data communications link is required for:
   • Real-time data transmission,
   • Real-time system monitoring,
   • Proper system maintenance and customer support,
   • Remote software updates.
• Minimum data bandwidth (upload and download each): 256 kbit/s.

Output Data Product Specifications:
Surface Currents: Maps of surface currents created from data taken at two or more radar sites
Map Displays: color monitor screen, archived ASCII vector files
Map Spatial Resolution: (vectors on grid) user configurable; 200m x 200m up to 12 km x 12 km typical spacing
Map Area Coverage: user configurable; typical minimum 20-50 km alongshore x 20-30 km offshore or greater
Map temporal interval: user configurable; minimum 15 minutes, typical 1 hour
Map vector accuracies: better than 10 degrees

Combine Site Software Suite††:
Sentinel real-time startup. log status events. track applications.
AnalyzeCurrents real-time script to process radials and ellipticals into total current vectors.
CheckForRadials determines which newly transferred radials and ellipticals need to be processed.
RadialsToCurrents combine radial and elliptical vectors into total current vectors.
TotalArchiver finalize total current vectors into output LonLatUV format with much metadata.
Archivalist archive output data and diagnostics on site to manage disk space to help with data retrieval.
SeaDisplaySetup create a customized coastline site map.
FileExchange suite of scripts and tools for real-time transfer of data (typically radials, waves and diagnostics) from the remote radial sites using Timbuktu® (IP or Modem) or ssh over IP.
Data Display Tools Data at all levels can be displayed on plots controlled by simple graphical user interfaces. For example, raw or averaged cross spectra can be plotted in 3D color form or as time-series/spectral curves. Wave data have several formats for display. Radial and total current-vector map algorithms include coastlines and bathymetry contours, with several full-color options for vector and uncertainty displays. The latter tools also permit easy creation of movies over time, and vector density coverage distributions for diagnosis. Touching the screen with a mouse-click, for example, gives a numerical value for any vector or uncertainty at that point. SeaDisplay. Plot total, radials and ellipticals over coastline site map. create and modify total vector grid. create image output. create movies over time.
Vector display software allowing statistical analyses of multiple current-map data sets and their errors that will compute statistics (i.e., means, root-mean-square differences, and standard deviations) over a period of time as user selects.
WaveDisplay is another useful application used to visualize wave data gathered by CODAR systems. WaveDisplay can plot wave time series from one range cell or multiple ranges in one display
Data Transfer Software & Protocols Both the central site and radial/remote sites come equipped with several tools that facilitate scheduling and executing data transfers. Software (such as Timbuktu) delivered will also permit interactive control and transfers between any site to any location in the world. This software has been refined after many years and thousands of hours of use.
Movie making capability that allows users to make a movie of vector fields or radial velocity maps over any period for which data were observed.
Drift and trajectory calculation and plot display movies.

†† Many more useful utilities are included. Refer to operation manual for complete description of software features.

CODAR Product Code SSDP-100 and SSDP-100EX information sheet, v2, revised 06/2009

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