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Enclosure 36-B

CODAR Product Code: ENC36-B

Product Description:

The SeaSonde Enclosure 36-B is a small, rugged closed-loop temperature-controlled enclosure for containing the SeaSonde remote unit electronics. The small enclosure is just large enough to fit the SeaSonde transmit and receiver chassis and mini-style computer, plus a UPS device and another small piece of electronics. This enclosure is appropriate for both indoor and limited outdoor use†.

Enclosure Features: Powder-coated, dual-access, floor-mount enclosure. Front and rear doors, turn latches on doors, padlockable (lock not incl.), grounding struts, 19” rack-mount rails, cable exit plate, thick foam core insulation, internal temperature control via two closed-loop 1500 BTU/HR thermoelectric solid state air conditioners (optional upgrade to 2500 BTU units available for purchase), condensate drip pans & rain shroud. Ships assembled, ready to use.

Includes: Enclosure with two air conditioners and condensate drip pans, stainless steel rain shrouds with stainless steel mounting bracket, heat sink shroud and fasteners for air conditioners, power cord. Newer features added in 2018 include: Industrial USB hub, rack-mounted, slide-out keyboard/monitor, sliding racks, network switch, weathertight USB and Ethernet ports on the outside, internally wired with cable tie-downs and labeling.

Recommended Accessory: CODAR Product Code UPS1500, Smart On-Line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with optional add-on features for temperature & humidity monitoring.

SeaSonde ENC36-B
ENC36-B Interior & Exterior Views ††

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Construction
NEMA 4X indoor/outdoor use
Welded Type 304 Stainless steel construction
3/4” thick foam core insulation
Laminated poly/aluminum facers

Enclosure Dimensions
Dimensions: 36”h x 24”w x 32”d
Weight: approx. 200 lbs.

Access Doors
Two doors (front and rear), each fully gasketed, hinged left, latched right

Door Latches
Standard 1/4 turn latches, top right latch per door, “barrel style” and padlockable (padlock not included)

Grounding Studs
Grounding studs (4) on doors and inside enclosure

Rack Rails
Side flange style with punched (not tapped) holes, for use with “clip-nuts” (included).
Approx. 32” high and horizontally-adjustable (front to-rear) on uni-strut.

Cable Exit Plate
Type 304 stainless steel
Dimensions:5.5”h x 13.5”w
Gasket covering 2”h x 12”w cable exit cut-out, plate

Mounting Tabs
4 built into enclosure (two on right, two on left)

Air Conditioners- 2 included
Thermoelectric solid state
Built-in adjustable thermostat
Stainless steel covers
Stainless steel mounting flange (20-1/4”h x 13”w)
Neoprene mounting gaskets
Stainless steel mounting fasteners
Certification to UL/CSA standards

Condensation Treatment
One condensate drip pan per cooler
Drip pan fittings and length of flexible PVC drain tubing plumbed with enclosure.
Small drain holes on right and left sides of enclosure (towards bottom).

Air Conditioner Requirement:
(qty2) 1500 BTU/HR rating (each). Optional upgrade to 2500 BTU available for purchase.
NEMA 4X configuration
220 VAC (4.6 amps) (or, specify 110V instead of 220V at time of ordering)

Air Conditioner Dimensions
Through-mount design, will protrude 3-5/8” into enclosure.

External Air Maximum Ambient Temperature
The ENC36-B-1500 has performed in ambient air temperatures up to 95-100ºF. The ENC36-B-2500 is expected to perform properly in temperatures up to 110ºF however company has not yet recorded upper performance value under those conditions so this value is an estimate only. Note that exposure to direct sunlight or radiant heat from a nearby object, blockage of vents, dirt buildup and aging may also impact system performance in high temperature conditions.

†Exposure to direct sunlight or radiant heat from nearby objects can act as another heat input to enclosure and therefore should be avoided, especially in warm climates. Use of a well-ventilated solar shade is recommended if placed outdoors and without blockage to the air conditioner vents. Also direct exposure to sea spray should be avoided as this may shorten the service life of the enclosure.

††Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.


SeaSonde Information & Specifications - version 1 created 07/2018

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