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General Specifications
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& General Specs.

PDF approx. 370k  

  SeaSonde Site Installation

PDF approx. 400k  

   SeaSonde Remote Unit
Specifications & Configuration

  Auto-APM Kit

  SeaSonde Central Site
Data Combining Station

  Combine Suite
License Upgrade
- Extended Version

  PORTUS® Marine Information System

  NEW Advanced Feature -
Multi-Static Functionality

  SeaSonde Multi-Static Data
Processing Software Package

  SeaSonde Bistatic
Transmitter Package

  Vessel Detection Software

  Pushing the Range
of Your SeaSonde

  Protecting the SeaSonde
from Lightning and
Other Electrical Surges

SeaSonde Network Accessories

  Transponder & Transponder
Extender Kit
(SSTR-101 & SSTR-EX)

  Field Service Kit

  Antennae Base
Hinge Assembly

  Dome Antennae
Guy Rope Holder

  Connector & Adapter Kit

  External Hard Disk,

  Extended Lightning
Protection Kit

  UPS Power Conditioning Unit

  SeaSonde SatDrive Kit

  SeaSonde Enclosure

User Links
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Hard Shipping/Carrying Case Set

CODAR Product Code: CCS-5

Product Description:
Lightweight, hard carry cases for the SeaSonde remote site electronics and antennae make it convenient for safe transport. It is recommended that a hard carry case set be purchased for each SeaSonde remote unit. These rugged-duty containers are constructed of high-density polyethylene to provide a safe, economical way to ship valuable equipment. These cases meet ATA spec 300 and are water-resistant.

Note: cases can transport all SeaSonde remote unit basic items excluding antenna cabling, receive antenna mast, and Long-Range transmit antenna mast.

Other features include:
Tongue-and-groove valance, Rubber gaskets to seal out dirt and moisture, Full length heavy-duty piano hinges, Quarter-turn military-style latches, Spring-loaded handles, 2” foam lining.

All cases can be padlocked.
CODAR Product Code: CCS-5

†Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.

SeaSonde Information & Specifications - version 1 created 12/2008

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