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The RiverSonde
General Specs.
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Optimal River Conditions for Operation

River Width: min. 10 meters, max. 250-300 meters if antenna is near ground level. Observation range may be extended if antenna is elevated (see Alternate Antenna Equipment Positioning).

Current Speed: min. 2.5 cm/sec – 3.5 m/sec

Surface Roughness: min. 2-3 cm

Water Depth: min. 10 cm

Optimal Antenna Equipment Positioning
(with respect to river)
Within 20 meters of water edge (along horizontal)
Min. 3 meters above water (along vertical), no greater than 15 m
Unobstructed View towards river > ±45º

Alternate Antenna Equipment Positioning
Place antenna at higher elevation for extended range. In one operation, a 42 m high antenna placement
yielded measurements to 1200 m.

RiverSonde Equipment Specifications
The RiverSonde consists of antenna mounted onto single post, a transceiver and processor unit.

Output Radiated Power: 1 watt

Operating Frequency Range: Select a band between 420-450 MHz that radio frequency license can be obtained for.

Bandwidth: up to 30 MHz (10 MHz => 15 meter range resolution, 30 MHz => 5 meter range resolution).

Power Requirements: either 120 VAC or 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz; approximately 100 watts for RiverSonde. 400 watts required if using optional weatherproof box with cooling system. Additional power may be required onsite for any peripheral equipment.

Communication link to system processor required for automated data retrieval, remote system monitoring and support.
Internet Protocol preferred.

Output Data Product Specifications

Cross-Channel Velocity Profile. Mean Channel
Velocity Estimates & other Estimates

Cross-Channel Resolution: 1/20th river width

Velocity Resolution: 2.5 cm/sec (corresponds to a 16-second FFTs)
Velocity Accuracy: 5% (of max. velocity bin)

Data Output Sample Times: 5 min.

Data Output Product File Size: ~250 kB

† RiverSonde General Specifications are subject to change.
Consult company for latest information.



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