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5 November 2015

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

The biennial Radiowave Operators Working Group (ROWG) sponsored by US IOOS is widely considered the “must-attend” event for persons operating & maintaining HF radars or working with data outputs. The next ROWG installment is taking place 2-4 November 2015 at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Massachusetts. Immediately following this event, CODAR Ocean Sensors is hosting a special “CODAR Day” aimed at providing more detailed product-specific information. Those in the CODAR user community attending ROWG are encouraged to stay for
CODAR Day to discuss and learn about our best practices and some upcoming updates and improvements.

Tentative Schedule for 5 November 2015 (specific topics subject to change)

Morning Session starting at 8 am and includes a series of presentations and demonstrations on the following topics:

  • Workshop on processing antenna patterns from AutoAPM Generator (AIS) software
  • First Order Line Settings - how to apply different FOLs for different range cells
  • Demonstration of SeaDisplay 8 to be included in upcoming SeaSonde Radial Suite Release 8
  • Receive Antenna Efficiency Envelope and what it means for changing operating frequency
  • Tuning Coil- what it’s used for and some specifics about the hardware
  • Interference Diagnostics Using SDR
  • Setting Up and Using RadialWebServer Alerts
  • Multi-Static Data Processing update
  • SeaTides: Tidal analysis software designed for SeaSonde vector data
Attendees may wish to arrange private one-on-one sessions with CODAR technical staff in the Afternoon Session.

Location: This event will occur at WHOI, same as ROWG. Specific building/room information for the CODAR Day will be provided at ROWG or upon request.

Event Registration: It is not necessary to register in advance for attending CODAR Day. However, any person wishing to arrange a special one-on-one session should notify CODAR personnel in advance to confirm available slot.

Questions: To schedule a one-on-one session or ask questions about this event, please send email to support [at] and write “CODAR Day 2015” in subject line.