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ORCA 2018 Recap - NEW

CODAR Staff Presentations at ORCA 2018:

Mapping Wave Variation in MARACOOS with SeaSonde Compact HF Radar - NEW

Benefits of Multiple Antenna Pattern Measurement Methods for Maintaining a Regional HF Radar Network - NEW

Near-Field HFSWR Detection/Warning of Tsunamis — Fact and Myth - NEW

Recommended Presentations @
Ocean Sciences 2018

First HF Radar Observatory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A Look Inside the PORTUS® Marine Information System

Combine Suite® Release 8 Software Features

Quantifying Effects of Wind Turbines in HFR Data

Development of Combined Transmit-Receive Antenna for Long-Range SeaSonde

Findings of the Project CONVERGE in Antarctica

Recommended Reading, September 2017:
• Operational Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling Using HF Radar Currents
• Soya Strait SeaSonde Current Data Fills Japan Sea Throughway Knowledge Gap

SeaSonde® Radial Suite Release 8

A Peek Inside SeaSonde Radial Suite® Release 8

Call-Sign Capability for SeaSondes

Launch of Joint CODAR/NOAA Program for HF Tsunami Warning

CODAR Patent Pending “Coastal HF Radar System for Tsunami Warning”

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